Chemical Spills

Includes chemicals such as flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, toxics, cryogenics etc.

If you feel you can respond to the spill yourself consider the following:

Do you have the appropriate spill kit for the chemical?

Do you understand the potential hazards involved?

Are you familiar with the MSDS?

Do you have appropriate personal protective equipment?

If you answered yes to all the above questions you can then continue the clean-up. If you answered no to one of the above questions please proceed to section 2.

Stop the source of the leak if possible or contain the spill

If spilled material is combustible, remove sources of ignition

Begin clean-up; using the appropriate chemical spill kit

Call SHE Office, giving your name and the nature and location of the spill

Complete an incident report form and submit it to SHE Office.

Section 2.

Evacuate the area, closing the door behind you

Sound the emergency alarm to warn the occupants and leave the building

Move to the nearest assembly point for further instructions and roll calls.

Re-enter the building only when SHE Office Authorizes you to do so

Complete an incident report form and submit it to the SHE Office.