Heavy Plant Operator

HPO : CITF Competency  Listing

HPO Practical Training Contents
HPO A01 Induction and Safety
HPOA02 Introduction to Earthmoving Plant and Equipment
HPOD03 Gauges and Instruments
HPOD04 Machine Controls
HPOD05 Pre-operating checks
HPOD06 Starting the Machine
HPOD07 Operating the Machine
HPOB08 Basic Principles of the Internal Combustion Engine
HPOB09 Electrical System
HPOB10 Lubrication System
HPOB11 Air Induction and Exhaust Systems
HPOB12 Fuel System
HPOB13 Cooling System
HPOC14 Hydraulic System
HPOC15 Tyre and Track Maintenance
CHPO16 Power Train
HPOC17 Braking System
HPOF18 Tool Identification and Basic Use
HPOF19 Lifting Tools
HPOF20 Service Schedules/Maintenance
HPOG21 Basic Construction
GHPO22 Quality and Productivity
HPOG23 Construction Site Procedures
HPOD24 Defensive Driving and Operation
HPOE25 Operate a Vibratory Compactor/ Roller
HPOE26 Operate a Tow Tractor
HPOE27 Operate an Off-Highway Truck
HPOE28 Operate an Articulated Dump Truck
HPOE29 Operate a Tractor Bulldozers
HPOE30 Operate a  Motor Scrapers
HPOE31 Operate a  Front end Loaders (FEL)
HPOE32 Operate a  Motor Graders
EHPO33 Operate a Hydraulic Excavator
HPOE34 Operate a Tractor/Loader/Backhoe (TLB)
HPOH35 Road Licence